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Dental Service

We strive to make oral hygiene an indispensable part of patients’ everyday life. After each dental examination, we provide patient with detailed instruction how to take care of teeth, tissues, tongue and the entire mouth properly.

Digital X-ray Diagnostics

Digital X-ray diagnostics is very important for prompt treatment and tracking all changes in teeth and oral cavity. It`s also crucial in setting appropriate therapy in each individual case of tooth decay as well as to notice changes of teeth and periodontal tissues.

In our clinic we use state of the art RTG и RVG Digora Optime system that reduces X-ray radiation up to 90%, so that the process is safe and effective. We also offer digital apparatus, or ortopan Cranex D, which enables imaging the entire jaw (adults as well as children).


We use the latest methods and dental products for effective and fast teeth whitening. In our clinic, you can choose between two ways of teeth whitening. One is teeth whitening in our clinic, and the other is home bleaching. Method of teeth whitening is chosen after discussion with dentist who will advise you based on your personal preferences and desired intensity of bleaching.


Dental implants are the best solution when it is necessary to replace one or more teeth, in order to stabilize dentures or to avoid partial or total dentures. In implantology in addition to expertise, the utmost importance is the quality of implants. Therefore we use the world-famous and proven dental implants ``Camlog``. More information on:

Oral surgery

In our clinic, we carry out all interventions of classic oral surgery as well as removing impacted and embedded wisdom teeth and perform other necessary surgical procedures. Interventions are performed painlessly under local anesthesia.


Lately, periodontal diseases are partly caused by unhealthy life habits and inadequate dental care. It is becoming widespread, even among children. Therefore it is crucial to set up early diagnosis in order to prescribe effective therapy. While treating periodontal diseases, we use combined therapy of selected drugs and low power laser. This rapid and effective treatment often prevents surgical measures and the use of antibiotics.


Due to the late caries detection in the first place, endodontic treatment of the roots is needed for healing. By applying standard endodontic`s treatment methods, a part from classic method, we also use biozonix apparatus as well ozone and low-frequency laser. At the same time, we make sure that the treatment is painless since all interventions are performed under local anesthesia.

Cosmetic dentistry

Smile is important from an aesthetic point of view. Based on rich experiences and suitable approach to treatment of your teeth, we not only maximize well functioning of your teeth but also care about an aesthetic side of your smile. In order to bring to you the finest look, apart from classic ceramics we also use other non-metal dental ceramics.

Laser Treatment

The laser treatment plays an important role in healing oral cavity. Laser treatment is quicker and more efficient. One of the main advantages of laser treatment is that treatment intervention is not invasive, and recovery is much faster and painless. Laser is also indispensable for surgery. In our clinic we use ``Siro Laser Advance``.